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Japan's History, Literature and Culture

By Shinsuke Yamamoto

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Japan’s Life Expectancy

Japan has one of the longest life expectancies in the world. The average Japanese citizen lives for around 85 years. Female Life...


Did you know that Tokyo, Japan is the most populated city in the World? Tokyo has an estimated population of around 38 million people.

Vending Machines

Did you know that there are about one vending machine person 24 people in Japan? It is proven that there are about 2.3 million vending...

Nebuta Matsuri

Nebuta Matsuri is a festival that occurs every year in Aomori, Japan. This festival usually occurs in the month of August. This festivals...

Japan's most popular Food

Japan's most popular food is Sushi and Sashimi. The difference between Sushi and Sashimi is that Sushi has rice but Sashimi is mainly...


Kendo is Japan's most famous martial art. Kendo was made in 1711 and it is also the same thing Samurai's do to fight people.

Japan's Capitol

Japan's capitol used to be Kyoto but in 1868, they changed it to Tokyo.

Japanese Lands

Japan is made of mostly mountains, about 70% of Japan is mountains.

Fun Fact

Did you know, that Japan is made up of 6,852 islands. Out of the 6,852 islands 421 of the islands are inhabited.

Japan Literature

Did you know that Japan has 50,000 different Japanese characters.

What the Japanese flag Represents

The red circle on the Japanese flag, represents the sun, and the white part of the flag represents a white background.

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